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1950 Bible College 1950 High School 1950 1951 High School 1951 High School 1951 Bible College 1952 Bible College 1952 1953, left to right, Kelly Barnes, Dr. Bandy, Mr. Tam 1953 Bible College 1955 High School 1956 1958 1959


1940 Graduates and student body 1941 graduates, left to right — Jimmy Rich, Richard Scoggins, Dr. Forrest, Mrs. Forrest, Flora McLean, and Tom Burns 1942 1942 Students and Graduates 1942 1944 1944, Left to right, Tory Damron, Cyrus Carpenter, June Robbins, Dr. George Shaw, Sara Alspaugh, Art Chamblee, Lynn Green 1945 1945, Ed O’Neal, Don […]


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Class of 1915, Mary Spooner, Esther Key Hill, Annie Thomas, and Lillian Eustace Early Students 1917, Ora Frost, Carrie Warner, and Lottie Davis 1917-1918 1917-1918 students Group after the Haddock Inn fire 1917-1918 Second group student body

Graduation May 2007

Photo credit: Clarence Wulf Click here to see the graduation e-card that was sent out from the President’s office

Forrest Hall

Forrest Hall Ground breaking Homecoming Day of 1961 was the ground breaking for the new men’s dormitory, Forrest Hall, using the same shovel as Dr. Forrest had used at the ground breaking for the First Presbyterian Church of Toccoa years earlier. Plans included three wings, each to be built as funds became available. More students […]

Tragedy Strikes — The Flood of 1977

Tragedy Strikes — The Flood of 1977

During the early morning hours of November 6, 1977, after five days of almost continual rain, the dam that impounded the waters of Kelly Barnes Lake [located above the Toccoa Falls College campus] burst, and 176 million gallons of water surged through the campus below in the space of a few minutes. Most of the […]