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April 4, 1930

The Diary of Evelyn Forrest’s Trip to Palestine
April 4, 1930
Mediterranean Sea

It all seems like a dream that we are really on the sea, which we have longed to sail for so many years. It rained during the night and the sea was pretty rough, and she is still rolling plenty.
Diary April 4, 1930
They tell us it will be 2:00 p. m. before we reach Marseilles, France. I really wish we were about to pull into New York harbor but since that is not possible today, I am thankful to be so near Europe and a comfortable bed.

In the harbor at last; this is the largest one we have seen since leaving New York. There are many ships on all sides. We sailed the entire length of the harbor before we reached the dock assigned to the Phrygie.

Goodbye, old ship. Through customs easily, took a taxi to Splendide Hotel. Have a beautiful room decorated in rose, with bath, etc.

Richard went over to Cooks to enquire for mail and came back with his hands full of letters, cards, papers, and one package. Oh! What a treat. If feel better just to look at the outside (of these) even before we read them. [There are] two from Alice, one from Kelly, two from Lorene, Matilda Lillian Sue, Corinne, Theresa, Daw and Mrs. Davis, also Mother Forrest and Mr. Adams. So our mail came all the way from Miami to Chicago, Paris, Egypt and Jerusalem, almost the entire world. These papers from home—how we did enjoy them.

Had a wonderful supper of soft-boiled eggs, toast, and tea. I must not forget the grapefruit from Florida. We retired early after a good hot bath. The bed is wonderful; it feels almost like home.