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Evelyn and Richard Forrest

Welcome to the History site for Toccoa Falls College. 

In a way, this Web site has been under construction for over 100 years because this is how long God has been at work in the lives of those connected with Toccoa Falls College, which began as a small mountain school in 1907.

The first classes were held in Golden Valley, North Carolina. However, it did not take long for co-founders Richard Forrest and his wife Evelyn to realize that in order to grow, the school would need to move to a location that was easily accessible. Standing on the veranda of Haddock Inn on January 1, 1911, Dr. Forrest agreed to purchase the Toccoa Falls property. However, all he had for a down payment on a $25,000 note was a ten-dollar bill, but it was enough because God had led him to this place. He also had a God-given dream. The Lord would establish a school at this location where men and women from all walks of life could come and receive an education. This Web site is dedicated not only to the lives of Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Forrest but also the countless alumni who have either served or are currently serving the Lord around the world in various occupations. While many of the original buildings are gone, the mission of Toccoa Falls College remains to glorify God by cultivating a uniquely Christian learning community that integrates the pursuit of truth with godly character to produce graduates prepared both personally and professionally for service. 

Random Quote:

Habit makes character, and character settles destiny.

by Dr. Richard A Forrest

A Mighty Rushing Wind

Editor’s note: The following was written by Angela Ramage, 1988 Alumna. When I stepped up to the window of the old dining hall to take

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Christmas 1958

Dear Folks,As we approach Christmas, my mind is filled with memories of things in my life, which had their beginning during this season. On Tuesday

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Love Letters to Home

Editor’s Note: In 1936 during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, Richard Forrest was away from home on a “round the world” trip. Evelyn had been

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January 7, 2008

All things new With the trappings of Christmas neatly packed away, thoughts turn to a new year—one that promises new beginnings, new challenges, and new

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December 24, 2007

Christmas at Toccoa Falls in 1918 Editor’s note: The following is written by Rev. John Hubbard, who was an early principal. His account of Christmas

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