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March 27, 28 & 29, 1930

The Diary of Evelyn Forrest’s Trip to Palestine
Thursday, March 27, 1930
On board the Phrygie on the Atlantic Ocean

7:00 a. m. The first breakfast bell; I was already up dressing. Took all the time I wanted this morning.

8:15 a. m. Coffee, mild, bread butter, honey and apple jelly. Richard walked on deck and visited all parts of the ship while I wrote letters—one to Mother and Olive Mathhias.

11:00 a. m. At lunch, which was very good, I almost forgot that part of it was French. Rested after lunch, then read until time for dinner.


Friday, March 28, 1930
Phrygie — on the Atlantic

It is good to have plenty of time to bathe and dress and some good hot water and soap. The caravansary smell is almost gone. Did not write letter today. Spent almost the entire day reading, except two hours in the afternoon when we both rested.
Diary March 29
Richard certainly can sleep almost as soon as he touches the bed. He is snoring. He has read two books besides our two volumes on Jerusalem, which we are both reading. We are due to reach Los Palmas, Canary Islands about nine o’ clock in the morning. We expect to go ashore and see the islanders.


Saturday, March 29, 1930
On the Atlantic Steamship Phrygie

8:00 a. m. When we came out to breakfast, we were near the Canary Islands. I was so surprised to see the Islands. [They were] like a great pile of mountains rising abruptly out of the sea. Between 9 and 10, we anchored about half a mile from shore. We will be here until 5:00 p. m. for we are to take on a great cargo of bananas.

The ocean is blue as indigo, and the sun is shinning brightly. No sooner have they anchored than the Phrygie is surrounded by dozens of small row boats loaded with all kinds of wares from fruit, tobacco, puppies, parrots, and canary birds to the finest linens and jewelry. All the traders calling out Madam and displaying their merchandise. After lunch many of the passengers went ashore to see the sights. It was a delightful ride in the small motorboat and a wonderful auto drive over the island. Such a gorgeous display of flowers, pink, ivy geraniums, and deep blue morning glories.

Steamship Phrygie
The Steamship Phrygie