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April 5, 6 & 7, 1930

Diary April 5, 1930The Diary of Evelyn Forrest’s Trip to Palestine
Saturday, April 5, 1930
Marseilles, France

Richard did not sleep very well during the night. He was trying so hard to decide what to do about going on to Jerusalem. He awoke me early asking me what I wanted to do? If I consulted my feeling I would certainly say, “Home James!” It does seem too bad to be this near and not go on.

I had two oranges and a glass of Vicby water for breakfast. Richard and Mr. Dowelly went down the street for breakfast, and did not get back until after eleven. Lunch here in the hotel, lamb chops, they were so good. Richard has gone out again to see what he can do about the tickets for Jerusalem. Rom. 12:28


Sunday, April 6, 1930
Marseilles, France

11:50 a.m. and just getting up. What a relief not to have to hurry for anything. Had some oranges in our room before we finished dressing. Then [we] went down to lunch and after that took a long walk.

I finished Emma’s letter and wrote one to Lorene while [Richard] Dad visited a Cathedral. It is dark a little after six. We had dinner then Dad took a long walk and I wrote Dan and Mrs. Davis letters. Started one to Alice and Kelly and wrote a whole pile of cards, mostly to church members at home.


Monday, April 7, 1930
Marseilles, France

Splendid Hotel. Breakfast in our room. Richard went out to look after tickets and etc. I had a shampoo. After lunch I did the family wash. Curled my hair for dinner. It has looked so much like rain, we did not go sight seeing at 2:30 as we had planned. The boat sails at 12:00 tomorrow, we must be on board by 11:00 a.m. [I] finished the letter to Alice and Kelly and wrote Ora, also another pile of cards.

The morning paper announces “Aimee’s arrival in Paris with 65 of her followers. She is to spend only one night in Paris and proceed at once to Marseilles and sail tomorrow for Jerusalem. She must be going on our boat. Somebody tried to open our bathroom door. It was securely bolted.