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Letter to the 1956 Board of Trustees

Editor’s note: The Toccoa Falls College board of trustees is meeting this week on campus April 19-20, 2007. Please be in prayer for these men and women who have been called to serve the Lord in this way. We thought it would be appropriate to post a letter from Dr. Forrest written to the 1956 […]

Kelly and Alice Barnes

“Kelly Barnes and Alice Larson came in 1917, he from Lumberton, North Caroline, and she from Santa Rosa, California. Both of them lived with the Forrest. After their training at Toccoa Falls and at Wheaton College, they married and were associated with Toccoa Falls Institute until their deaths. Mr. Barnes was superintendent, and Mrs. Barnes […]

Journey to Golden Valley

By Troy Damron The school that became Toccoa Falls Institute in 1911 had its beginning in Golden Valley, North Carolina, in 1907 as Golden Institute. Although I heard Dr. Forrest make this statement on many occasions, I did not become interested in the details of these early “roots” until I was preparing to write the […]

Influential People to Dr. and Mrs. R.A. Forrest

Dr. and Mrs. R.A. Forrest impacted the lives of many people. Here are a few of the people who influenced them. Dr. and Mrs. A.B. Simpson — Dr. Simpson was the founder of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. He often commented that he never “set out to start a new Christian denomination.” Instead, his goal […]

40th Reunion Year for the 1967 High School and College Classes

The following photographs were taken by Paul Brown (HS 64, BC 69) during this Homecoming, October 12-14, 2007. It was the 40th reunion year for the ’67 high school and college classes. Photos by Paul Brown

Haddock Inn

“The wooded mountains of northeast Georgia formed a magnificent backdrop for the hotel-and for the transaction that would be consummated, a transaction that must have been heralded in Glory, a transaction that has led to the spread of the gospel in many parts of the earth and the winning of many precious souls. . . […]

Graduate Photos

Graduate and Student Bodies through the years Editor’s note: Eventually, all the graduate class photos will be here (as well as in a separate section within their respective decade). This is the beginning. We will continue to add to this page so be sure to check back often and sign up for the e-mail updates […]


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