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April 2 & 3, 1930

The Diary of Evelyn Forrest’s Trip to Palestine
Wednesday, April 2, 1930
Atlantic Ocean

Smooth sailing today but not much sunshine, the sky is grey and cloudy. I was so anxious to see the Rock of Gibraltar but the captain announces we will pass it about three or four in the morning. How sad, it would be impossible to get a good view at that hour even if we should get up.

The long delayed “Raffle” was held at last, we both attended but since the whole program was in French, we were not much wiser when it was over. The cigarette smoke was awful it made my lungs so sore. [Richard] rubbed my back before we retired, and I felt better. I prayed a long time after [he] went to sleep and pace and rest came, so I could lie down and sleep.


Thursday, April 3, 1930
Between 3 & 4 a. m.

The Phrygie passed through the Strait of Gibraltar. I did not see the “Rock,” but I sat up in bed and saw the lights, which guide the ships through in safety. Had a good nights rest and am feeling so much better this morning. Had coffee and toast in our cabin, and I dressed in time for lunch.

After lunch we re-packed the trunks ready for landing tomorrow. It was a hard job with the seas not very smooth. I was very tired when it was all finished. But we went on the upper deck and watched an Atlantic storm at a great distance over us the moon and stars were shining beautifully. Saw the lights of Barcelona, Spain.

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