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Toccoa Falls Institute

(The following is a news story from The Toccoa Record, September 21, 1911 (Used by Permission) taken from the book A Tree God Planted by Troy Damron) The Haddock Inn property at Toccoa Falls, which was recently purchased especially for Bible school purposes by The Christian and Missionary Alliance, will be opened for this purpose […]

Toccoa Falls Institute Brochure

One of the early Toccoa Falls Institute brochures ——————————————————- Editor’s note: The following is from the inside pages of the brochure. Toccoa Falls Institute was incorporated June 10, 1911, under the laws of Georgia, for providing a practical Bible training for Christian young men and women of small means, fitting them for effective Christian service […]

The Toccoa Falls College Mace

Editor’s Note: The following is from the Commencement program. Toccoa Falls College is taking the opportunity during the Centennial year to introduce a new tradition that will be used in all formal processions of the faculty. Leading the processional is Faculty Marshal, Julio Vena, who carries the official Toccoa Falls College Mace. Steeped in symbolism […]

The Presidents of Toccoa Falls College

During the history of the institution, there have been six presidents: Dr. Richard A. Forrest, Founder; Dr. Julian A. Bandy; Dr. Kenn W. Opperman; Dr. Paul L. Alford; Dr. Donald O. Young, and Dr. W. Wayne Gardner. In October 1975, in order to keep abreast of the current usage of terms, the Board of Trustees […]

The Falls

Toccoa Falls, on the campus of Toccoa Falls College. These falls are 186 feet high, 34 feet higher than Niagara Falls. “Toccoa” in the Cherokee language means “beautiful.” The pathway to Toccoa Falls in spring is beautiful—just like its name! Natural Azaleas, Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel dot the banks of the gouge and path leading […]

The Bell

1925 Rev. Forrest was asked to pastor the Presbyterian Church in Toccoa where he served for 25 years. When the present building was constructed, the bell from the belfry of the original building was donated to Toccoa Falls Institute. For years it signaled the daily schedule at the Institute as well as serving as a […]

TFC Financial Ledger that Survived the 1913 Fire

TFC financial ledger that survived the 1913 fire because it was locked in the school’s safe. See the photograph of Haddock Inn following the fire in March 1913. Side view of ledger. Notice Dr. Forrest’s books in the background. The ledger is sitting on the table that Mrs. Forrest used for teaching in her Bible […]

Susie (Ralls) Mathes

“The Forrest were not privileged to have children of their own. Perhaps, the Lord felt theirs was to be a larger ministry that would have been possible with a family to rear. Their home, however, has always been open to young folks. Five of these were given special places and became “their” children. “Sue Ralls […]

Stewart Hall

In 1917-1918, with a gift from Lyman Stewart of Los Angeles, a new women’s residence, the Ella M. Stewart Dormitory,was built. Construction of Stewart Hall Logs used to build Stewart Hall ——————————————————————————————— Lyman Stewart “By 1917, it was obvious that the girls would need a larger dormitory than Sunshine Cottage. Acting on faith, Rev. Forrest […]

Shop Building

“In the fall of 1938, the National Youth Administration, another governmental project launched because of the continued depression, began its Residential Project at Toccoa Falls. Before many months had passed, the Institute was filled to and beyond capacity with students. There were more than four hundred in attendance, most of them for twenty-one countries in […]