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TFC Farm Life

Editor’s note: There is no sound to this video. To start the video, click in the middle of the video box, please be patient as the video loads. To pause the video, click in the middle of the video box and click again to resume playing. Get the Flash Player to see this player. This […]

Tent City

“After the fire, Rev. Forrest went on his face in prayer, asking guidance, ‘How, Lord, can we house our Institute faculty and provide classroom space?’ “God provided the answer. ‘What about tents?’ “Apparently everyone was happy. It was a novel experience, of course. . . . Of these days Dr. Forrest says: ‘The students kept […]

News Articles about Indian Springs

News Articles about Indian Springs

June 9, 1893 – Mineral Springs Within the vicinity of Toccoa are several springs of mineral water whose medicinal properties may make our town more desirable as a summer resort, some day. One of these is known as Garnet spring, and is beautifully situated about a mile from town. Its water is not very unpleasant […]

Rediscovering Indian Springs

Rediscovering Indian Springs

For at least a hundred years, people connected with Toccoa Falls College have known the Cherokee Indians once walked on the land that now makes up the college’s campus. Many have found arrowheads, beads that were used for trading, and other artifacts. Over the years, we had heard rumors about a natural spring located off […]

Stewart Hall

In 1917-1918, with a gift from Lyman Stewart of Los Angeles, a new women’s residence, the Ella M. Stewart Dormitory,was built. Construction of Stewart Hall Logs used to build Stewart Hall ——————————————————————————————— Lyman Stewart “By 1917, it was obvious that the girls would need a larger dormitory than Sunshine Cottage. Acting on faith, Rev. Forrest […]

Shop Building

“In the fall of 1938, the National Youth Administration, another governmental project launched because of the continued depression, began its Residential Project at Toccoa Falls. Before many months had passed, the Institute was filled to and beyond capacity with students. There were more than four hundred in attendance, most of them for twenty-one countries in […]

Seby Jones Library

Mr. Seby Jones, a member of the Board of Trustees, contributed $25,000 to the building of a larger, more efficient library. The first floor was occupied in 1965 and the second floor in 1966. Before Seby Jones Library was built, the library was temporarily housed (1959) in one of the steel buildings to protect the […]

Remembering the Graham Family

We want to take time to pray for the family of Dr. Billy Graham in the loss of his wife Ruth Bell Graham, who also was a beloved mother, grandmother, Sunday School teacher, and author. Many of you may not realize it, but throughout the years this family has been a support and encouragement to […]

Ralls Dormitory and the C.C.C.

“In a sense, the depression affected Toccoa Falls Institute for good. Because of it a C. C. C. (Civilian Conservation Corps) Camp was started in north Georgia; it was located on property leased from the school, the flat just to the south of the main campus. The C. C. C. boys built roads, paths, firebreaks, […]

Life Outside the Classroom

“School life at Toccoa Falls furnished many opportunities for practical or vocational training. Along with their usual classes, students were taught farming, caring for livestock, cutting and sawing timber, carpentry, making cement blocks, gardening, laundering, cooking, baking, canning fruits and vegetables, sewing, office work, and much more. . . . (copy from Achieving the Impossible […]