Thursday, December, 8th, 2022

Life Outside the Classroom


“School life at Toccoa Falls furnished many opportunities for practical or vocational training. Along with their usual classes, students were taught farming, caring for livestock, cutting and sawing timber, carpentry, making cement blocks, gardening, laundering, cooking, baking, canning fruits and vegetables, sewing, office work, and much more. . . . (copy from Achieving the Impossible with God by Lorene Moothart)

Photo below: Alice Barnes and Mrs. Forrest working


Photo below: Garden


Photo below: Making applebutter

making applebutter

Photo below: Making sorghum

making sorghum

Photo below: Making bread

making bread

Photo below: Picking beans

picking beans

Photo below: Picking cotton

picking cotton

Photo below: Cleaning


Photo below: Wash crew

wash crew

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