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Tent City

“After the fire, Rev. Forrest went on his face in prayer, asking guidance, ‘How, Lord, can we house our Institute faculty and provide classroom space?’

“God provided the answer. ‘What about tents?’


“Apparently everyone was happy. It was a novel experience, of course. . . . Of these days Dr. Forrest says: ‘The students kept coming-why, I do not know. Why they stayed, I couldn’t tell anybody. We had the sweetest kind of time; nobody complained, everybody was happy. Then we began slowly to climb.’ (copy from Achieving the Impossible with God by Lorene Moothart)
In photo below: Toccoa Falls faculty and staff after the Haddock Inn fire.



Classes continued as usual.


Ora Frost, the first new student at the Toccoa Falls location, is shown here on the right.

The area where the boy’s tents were located was called “Joy Avenue.”