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Ralls Dormitory and the C.C.C.


“In a sense, the depression affected Toccoa Falls Institute for good. Because of it a C. C. C. (Civilian Conservation Corps) Camp was started in north Georgia; it was located on property leased from the school, the flat just to the south of the main campus. The C. C. C. boys built roads, paths, firebreaks, and things like that all through the nearby woods. They laid a walk of native stone from Gate Cottage to Falls Park. In these and other ways they improved the appearance of the campus. The school also benefited insofar as food was concerned, for when too much was prepared for the C. C. C. boys, the cooks sent the balance to the Falls kitchen.

When this campus was disbanded, the Government turned over to the Institute lumber representing more than four thousand dollars in value, including their barracks. The barracks were very rough, with the roughest kind of floor and battens up and down on the outside of the building. In 1934, this building was renovated; new flooring was laid, the building was cut up into rooms with permanent partitions erected, and the outside was weather-boarded. This structure, called Ralls Dormitory, has been used as living quarters for thirty-five to forth young men each year and has been a blessing throughout the years.” (Taken from Achieving The Impossible With God)

Ralls Dormitory

Rall Dormitory

Ralls Dormitory

Another view of Ralls Dormitory

The Kiwanis Building

The Kiwanis Building—This building, on the same site where Ralls Dormitory stood, was first used as a broom factory. Then it was used as a gymnasium and men’s dormitory. Ralls Dormitory was named in memory of Bill Ralls who was the first college graduate to die while out in Christian service.

Old Broom Factory

Old Broom Factory

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