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May 11, 12, 13 & 14, 1930

The Diary of Evelyn Forrest’s Trip to Palestine
Sunday, May 11, 1930
Atlantic Ocean
The Cunard Line, Steamship Andania

It was very rough all night. We did not have a storm but she [the ship] Andaniais just out of dry dock and has practically no cargo, for she did not have time to load. Therefore, we are rolling and tossing around like an eggshell. Not a very bright prospect if we are to have nine days of this. Richard woke early and had me ring for our breakfast at 7:00 a.m. The stewardess came and told us it was early, we should have turned our watches back one hour and forty minutes last night. We had but he was hungry. She brought them at 8:00 a.m.

10:30 a.m. We attended service upon deck A. The rest of the day we spent quietly reading. I forgot the “life belt drill” at 11:30 a.m. Many are seasick. We went to bed early for it was still very rough.


Monday, May 12, 1930
S.S. Andania

Richard got up for breakfast this morning, but I had mine served in the cabin. Our cabin is so small it is impossible for us both to dress at the same time. It is still very rough so I am not going to bother about opening the trunk. I will wear this same dress all the way across if it keeps on like this.

We spent the whole day reading. I finished The Golden Land and started on Aggrey of Africa. It is such a large volume—will take some time to finish it. The only time I stopped reading today was to eat lunch and dinner. Went to bed early. Many are still seasick and have never been in the dining room at all. We are both well.


Tuesday, May 13, 1930
Atlantic Ocean, Andania

CimarronThis boat would take the prize in pitching and rolling. It is almost impossible to walk straight or dignified. Suddenly we go fast and then slow. We found a quiet room today where “no smoking” signs keeps most of the people out and we spent the entire day reading. Both read All Quiet on The Western Front, and I started Cimarron by Edna Farber.

It has certainly been a real treat to read all day without interruption except for lunch and dinner. They had a “Carnival Dinner” tonight and all who were able to get to the dining room were very happy and gay. The people at our table are very congenial. Mr. and Mrs. Hill, Miss Galloway, another Miss, who has only appeared once, and Mr. and Mrs. Iris.


Wednesday, May 14, 1930
On the Atlantic Andania

Breakfast of grapefruit, eggs, toast, and coffee served in my cabin. Then another good hot salt bath and I am ready for my book and easy corner. Finished Cimarron before I slept. Richard says he has read five books already. I thought it was rough yesterday, but this is the worst since leaving Glasgow. Many are seasick again today. So thankfully, we have both escaped thus far. I do not think there is any danger for us now, as long as she keeps right side up! It has rained a part of everyday since we left.