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Tragedy Strikes — The Flood of 1977

Tragedy Strikes — The Flood of 1977

During the early morning hours of November 6, 1977, after five days of almost continual rain, the dam that impounded the waters of Kelly Barnes Lake [located above the Toccoa Falls College campus] burst, and 176 million gallons of water surged through the campus below in the space of a few minutes. Most of the […]

continued, section 4 ~ Timeline

Plotting The Pathway of Destruction (Map is from Dam Break in Georgia, © 1978, Horizon House Publishers, Camp Hill, PA 17011) Saturday, November 6, 1977 9:00 p.m. — Members of the Toccoa Falls Volunteer Fire Department became concerned about the rising waters of Toccoa Creek. A lot of rain had fallen and the atmosphere of […]

continued, section 3 ~ A Week Later

A Week Later In one week’s time, this relatively small community has recovered, partially at least, from this great tragedy. The stories of help and heroism may never be completely told. The stories of hardship and heartache to many families may continue for years to come. One thing survived the flood and has emerged as […]

Flood of November 6, 1977

In Darkness and Dawn, The story of God’s faithfulness at Toccoa Falls College In 1919, four years after fire destroyed Haddock Inn and nearly destroyed Toccoa Falls College, famed evangelist and composer Paul Rader penned the words of the well-known hymn, “Only Believe.” As he stood looking over the campus, the faith and courage of […]