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April 19, 1930

The Diary of Evelyn Forrest’s Trip to Palestine
Saturday, April 19, 1930

We both dressed for breakfast this morning but I rested and straightened out our clothes. Richard and Miss Butterfield visited the Temple area, including the Mosque of Omar the Mosque of Aksa and Solomon’s stables and was introduced to the head of all the Moslems in Palestine.

In the afternoon while Richard prepared for the services tomorrow, I went with Miss Butterfield and Miss Shimp to see some new Jewish colonies. On the right high up on a Mt., we saw Nebi Samueil the burial place of Samuel and headquarters of Gen’l Allenby’s troops. Mizpah.

Away down in the valley is Aiir Kareur, an Arab village the name means Vineyard, it is said to be the birth place of John the Baptist. It was from this Arab town that the riot last August originated.

Beit Karem a beautiful new Jewish colony was attacked and many Jews slain and their homes destroyed. It must have taken real courage for them to return and rebuild the village after the riot.

Beit Vegan (house) is another Jewish colony a little nearer to Jerusalem.

When we returned we all went to the Jewish service in the Iron church, not many present for this is their annual Passover feast. Meant to write cards but was so sleepy I went to bed.