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May 6 & 7, 1930

The Diary of Evelyn Forrest’s Trip to Palestine
Tuesday, May 6, 1930
London, England

9:45 a.m. Breakfast. Richard went again to consult with Dr. Cochrane, and I unpacked to find all the soiled laundry. Sent his suit out to be pressed. May 7, 1930 Diary entry Then did a little writing. Immediately after lunch we went to the British Museum. [We] saw one of the three oldest copies of the ancient Hebrew Scriptures another is in the Vatican at Rome and the third in Russia.

The Egyptian mummies were queer, interesting things; one could spend many days examining just the old relics from Egypt, to say nothing of Syria, Assyria, the Hitttites and all the other “ites.” But we must learn it all and hurry back to the hotel.


Wednesday, May 7, 1930
London, England

9:30 a. m. Breakfast, there certainly is a contrast between the breakfasts here and at [Paris]. Richard went out to look after tickets for we are leaving London early in the morning, and I did the family wash. After lunch, he went out again and I went to the ladies writing room and wrote Lorene, Sue, and the Greenville Bible Class. After dinner we took a long walk and as usual it began to rain before we returned. It certainly rains easily here in London. It has been very cold and unpleasant all day, in fact nearly ever since we landed here. Landed is the proper word, for we came from the clouds.