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Toccoa Falls Institute

(The following is a news story from The Toccoa Record, September 21, 1911 (Used by Permission) taken from the book A Tree God Planted by Troy Damron)

The Haddock Inn property at Toccoa Falls, which was recently purchased especially for Bible school purposes by The Christian and Missionary Alliance, will be opened for this purpose on October 10th, 1911, with a sufficient and efficient corps of instructors in the several departments. The Haddock Inn has closed for the season, but will reopen at the usual time next summer.

The charter name of the school is “The Toccoa Falls Institute,” and is but a continuation of a school for Bible training conducted by the Alliance at Golden Valley, N.C., for several years past; the school there having grown very fast, it was not deemed wise to spend money to enlarge buildings, as it was too far from railroad facilities, so that a removal of the school seemed necessary.

Rev. D. Y. Schultz of Ft. Wayne Bible Training School, Indiana, has been engaged to take the place of Principal and will bring to the Institute the rich experience of former years of Bible schoolwork. Besides the Bible teaching, a full course of instruction in English branches will be given in the several grades. An industrial feature will also be one of the adjuncts of the school, the students doing certain hours of work each week in addition to a tuition fee of ten dollars per month. The school year will cover seven months, and an opportunity will be given a limited number of students to earn money during the summer months in helping with the work at Haddock Inn, which will be open as usual every summer. This arrangement will enable quite a number of students help to pay their tuition the following school year.

The sanitary conditions are most excellent. The water furnished the buildings is drawn from springs up on the hillside, and flows by gravity into the Institute. Every modern convenience is supplied. Porcelain lined bathtubs, etc., the drainage is complete and surroundings are perfectly healthy. In fact it is a most ideal place for a school, being two miles from Toccoa, Georgia, it is neither too far away nor yet, too near. It is expected to produce a great deal of food from the land connected with the Institute for the use of the school, as well as the poultry and eggs consumed, and the milk is supplied from the dairy on the place. A steam heating plant is contracted for, to be put in, in time for use the coming winter. The rooms are large and airy—easily ventilated, having two windows to each room and in some cases three.

The location is a charming one. Haddock Inn has been a health resort for ten years or more. It is situated beautifully in the valley of Toccoa Creek, and in close proximity to the Toccoa Falls, which rises 186 feet in height or 26 feet higher than Niagara Falls; this is one of nature’s marvels, shady dells here and there with all the wilderness of primitive nature itself, about in this neighborhood.

The Prospectus for the coming school year is now ready and will be sent on application being made to the Principal.