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TFC Financial Ledger that Survived the 1913 Fire

TFC financial ledger

TFC financial ledger that survived the 1913 fire because it was locked in the school’s safe. See the photograph of Haddock Inn following the fire in March 1913.

Side view of ledger.

Side view of ledger. Notice Dr. Forrest’s books in the background. The ledger is sitting on the table that Mrs. Forrest used for teaching in her Bible classes.

Ledger page

Page from the ledger showing the dates before and after the fire.

Ledger page

Page from ledger with entries after the fire. Notice the names such as Scott and Smith. These are members of local families who maintained strong ties to the college for many years. In many cases they helped to get the college back on its feet by helping with its reconstruction. Noah Garland is one of the first men in Toccoa who knew Dr. Forrest. In fact, Richard walked from the train station to Noah’s livery stable on January 1, 1911 and rented a horse and buggy to take him out to Toccoa Falls where he met E. P. Simpson for the first time.

Ledge page

One of the first entries in the ledger. It shows typical purchases all in keeping with running a inn and a school. Notice the names of Sarah Staley and Annie Thomas. Sarah was one of the first teachers at the school (see Achieving the Impossible with God) and Annie was one of the first students who later became a missionary.

Ledge page

This ledger page from September 1912 lists many of the names of the first students to come to Toccoa Falls. It also reveals what life was like at a school that was “going great guns” as Dr. Forrest said in the book Achieving the Impossible with God.