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Letter to Ora Frost, Feb. 7, 1930

Mrs. Forrest wrote to Ora Frost at the beginning of their trip to Palestine and Transjordon (read the diary entries here). Ora was one of the first students to arrive at Haddock Inn in 1913.

TFC Farm Life

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Christmas 1958

Dear Folks, As we approach Christmas, my mind is filled with memories of things in my life, which had their beginning during this season. On Tuesday night before Thanksgiving 1898, as a teenage boy in the home of my Sunday School teacher, I accepted Christ as my personal Savior. I gave my first public Testimony […]

Mrs. Forrest beside Car

In the early 1900’s, Mrs. Forrest could not envision how the horse and buggy would be replaced by the automobile. However, she soon became “accustomed” to the idea once she began accepting speaking engagements in cities such as Atlanta, Georgia; Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina; and Asheville, North Carolina. See the devotional that was posted […]

Tent City

“After the fire, Rev. Forrest went on his face in prayer, asking guidance, ‘How, Lord, can we house our Institute faculty and provide classroom space?’ “God provided the answer. ‘What about tents?’ “Apparently everyone was happy. It was a novel experience, of course. . . . Of these days Dr. Forrest says: ‘The students kept […]

The Forrest's Last Car

Dr. R.A. and Evelyn Forrest purchased their last car July 28, 1953, from Tabor Motor Co., Toccoa, Georgia The car title (notice it is in Mrs. R.A. Forrest’s name) Dr. R.A. Forrest, age 72, driving his 1953 Buick

Alumni Association Minutes [June 1, 1923]

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of the TOCCOA FALLS INSTITUTE MINUTES Friday, June 1, 1923 On Friday afternoon, June 1, 1923, seven of the former graduates of the Toccoa Falls Institute, met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest, to organize an Alumni Association. Mr. Forrest acted as chairman, Pro Tem, and called the meeting to order, […]

Letter from World War 2

Letter from World War 2

Note from the editor: Recently, we were going through some of the old letters we have in the TFC archives and found this one from a solider, who was stationed in what called the Dutch Indies or Indonesia today. The name of the former TFI student is Baldermo Rodriguez, who graduated from the high school […]

Dr. Richard A. Forrest Preaching

Dr. Richard A. Forrest Preaching [audio:http://tfchistory.com/files/audio/forrest0001.mp3]

Answered prayer for student who went to India by Dr. Forrest

[audio:http://tfchistory.com/files/audio/drforrestanswerprayerindia.mp3] In this audio tape, Dr. Forrest tells an amazing story about God’s faithfulness and one young woman’s desire to trust Him with her life and her future. Listen and discover how you also can trust God for want may seem to be impossible.