Thursday, December, 8th, 2022

Somebody Knows You, a Poem by Dr. R.A. Forrest

Richard & Evelyn Forrest
Dr. Richard Forrest

Dr. Richard Forrest

Sombody Knows You

Somebody knows when your heart aches
And everything seems to go wrong.
Somebody knows when the shadows need
Chasing away with a song.

Somebody knows when you’re lonely,
Tried, discouraged, and blue.
Somebody wants you to know Him
And to know that he dearly loves you.

Somebody knows when you’re weakest,
Somebody knows when you’re strong
Always is waiting to help you,
He watches you all the day long.
Needing His friendship so holy,
Needing His watch care so true,
His name, they call His name Jesus
He loves everyone; He loves you!

—Dr. R. A. Forrest


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