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The Toccoa Falls College Mace

Editor’s Note: The following is from the Commencement program. Toccoa Falls College is taking the opportunity during the Centennial year to introduce a new tradition that will be used in all formal processions of the faculty. Leading the processional is Faculty Marshal, Julio Vena, who carries the official Toccoa Falls College Mace. Steeped in symbolism […]

40th Reunion Year for the 1967 High School and College Classes

The following photographs were taken by Paul Brown (HS 64, BC 69) during this Homecoming, October 12-14, 2007. It was the 40th reunion year for the ’67 high school and college classes. Photos by Paul Brown

Graduation May 2007

Photo credit: Clarence Wulf Click here to see the graduation e-card that was sent out from the President’s office

Centennial Homecoming 2007

Highlights of this Centennial Homecoming! Members of the 1954 High School class gather for a photo after the dedication of the historical marker they helped to sponsor on the history of the bell. TFC president Dr. Wayne Gardner and TFAA president Patricia McGarvey unveil the first historical marker located in the center of campus. Alumni […]

Centennial Fall Convocation

Toccoa Falls College Fall Convocation took place on the first day of classes—Monday, August 27, 2007 at ten o’clock in the morning in Grace Chapel and Performing Arts Center. Professor Julio Vena prepares to place the college mace in position for the opening ceremony. Jordan Roedding leads worship during the opening moments of TFC’s Fall […]

Centennial Convocation

Toccoa Falls College Centennial Convocation took place on January 22, 2007 at ten o’clock in the morning in Grace Chapel and Performing Arts Center. The beginning of the processional with full academic regalia. The new Toccoa Falls College Flag which again features the college seal, this time in white on a royal blue background, the […]