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Campus Buildings

Administrative building--the way it appeared in the 50's and 60's
Administrative Building — This photo was taken before the building was painted probably in the 40’s or 50’s. The concrete blocks used in its construction were made on campus by the students, and all lumber used in its construction also was milled on campus at the college’s lumber mill.

Bandy building
The old music building which was named for Dr. Julian Bandy.

DeLany building
Lois DeLany Gymnatorium
Earl Hall
Earl Hall was the original location of the high school. Click here to read more about Earl Hall.

Fant Hall
Fant Hall—a girl’s dorm—was built in the early 70’s on the area where the college’s first tennis courts were located.
Forrest Hall
Forrest Hall—the boy’s dorm—was built on the area that was the first ball field. A natural spring runs beneath it. Before it was constructed, a well house was located in the same area. It was a small concrete building where water could be drawn from a well and visitors to the falls could relax. Click here to read more about Forrest Hall.

Gate Cottage
Gate Cottage (now) houses a dining room, gift shop, and the entrance to Toccoa Falls. ( Editor’s note: Gate Cottage was destroyed by fire January 12, 2009 Click here to read more about Gate Cottege

Gate Cottage
Gate Cottage (before renovation in the late 90’s)

Grace Chapel
Grace Chapel

LeTourneau now
LeTourneau (now)

LeTourneau before
LeTourneau Hall (before)
McCarthy Hall (School of Teacher Educator)
Old Chapel
Old Chapel — Donations for this building primarily came from Lyman Stewart and his brother.
The David Oven Student Center — This is where students met for chapel, baskball and volley ball games up until the late 80’s. It was also were TFI students gathered for prayer band meetings.
Parkerson Student Center
Parkerson Student Center
Seby Jones Library
Seby Jones Library
Stewart Hall — Donations for this small girls dorm came from Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Stewart, who also had strong ties to Biola University. Click here to read more about Stewart Hall.

Williams Chapel
Paul & Mary Williams Chapel
Woerner World Mission Center
Woerner World Mission Center