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Black-Topped Roads

“At last, roads of our campus were paved with black-top during the month of August. No longer will we have to contend with dust or mud while traveling from one building to another. The task of cleaning the buildings will be much easier, also. This long-anticipated improvement adds immensely to the appearance of the campus. In his inimitable way Dr. Forrest said, ‘I felt just like getting down and kissing the stuff!’ Everyone here had a kindred emotion regarding it.

“A few years ago the Alumni Association undertook to raise the necessary money to make this improvement for our Alma Mater. Small gifts from many former students kept coming. When the disastrous fire [which destroyed LeTourneau Hall] occurred in 1950, the Alumni voted to use the available funds to buy cement to rebuild [the structure]. Then a decision was made to begin again to raise funds for the black-topping. Altogether, approximately $3,500.00 was given by the Alumni and former students toward the paving until it was decided to go ahead and pave as much of the campus as our funds would permit.

“When the paving contractor began work it became clear that it would be a tragedy to stop short of finishing all of the main roads. So, a decision was made to have all of them paved, even though the cost was about $5,000.00. All of the roads are not paved.” (Taken from Toccoa Falls News September, 1953)

Ribbon Cutting
Ribbon cutting at the dedication of the paving of the campus roads

Dedication of Roads
Dedication of the black-topped roads