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March 30, 2009

Achieve The Impossible

Have you ever faced a situation that seemed impossible? Most of us have. We look at the task and say, “I can’t do that.” Or “It is beyond my ability.” Mrs. Forrest once wrote concerning the early days at Toccoa Falls College, “Lord, we need Your help because we are not equal to the task.” In other words, “We can’t do this without you.”

In Achieving the Impossible with God, Dr. Forrest recalled the beginning of their ministry together, “Just two days after our marriage a letter arrived from Mr. J. W. Anderson, chairman of the group who had given the call [us] to Orlando. That letter was full of dynamite, which for a fleeting moment almost shattered [our] joyous spirit.” The Rev. R.V. Miller, a nationally known Bible teacher from Hendersonville, North Carolina, had come to Orlando for the winter, and [the people there] had asked him to take the work to which they had already called the Forrests. Richard was overwhelmed; “I had the responsibility of a wife and no place to go!”

What did they do? They decided to continue with their plans and to trust the Lord. They said nothing about the change in their situation. Instead, they laid the matter out to God in prayer. They went through their days accepting the well-wishes of others knowing that in a few weeks they would either have to board a train to Orlando anyway, or stay in Delaware with Richard’s parents. They decided to do what God had called them to do. They would go to Florida and trust Him to open the right doors for their work in ministry. “We were determined to be found faithful, ready, and able; [we] must radiate a sweet Christian testimony despite all trials.”

We can’t lose sight of the fact that they originally wanted to go to the foreign field as missionaries, but God denied them that opportunity. He shut one door and opened another but for a brief moment it, too, seemed closed. Richard commented, “The Lord always tries by fire those whom would be His servants; He proves their worth and fits them for service.”

At the last moment, Rev. Miller declined the offer, and the way was opened for the Forrests to begin their work in Orlando. When we think about their lives, we cannot help but consider the verse in Luke: “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.” (12:48).

Are you determined to be found faithful? This is your heritage not just as an alumnus of Toccoa Falls College but as a Christian, who has made a “determined” decision to follow the Savior.

Written for the online devotional book A Present Peace © 2009