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April 10, 2009

Beauty for Ashes

What Became of Judas?

The first vacancy in the apostolate was a tragedy. Here is one who had had all the privileges as a follower of Jesus Christ. But sadly, his friendship with Jesus did not change his heart. It was closed to the Savior. Amidst a holy atmosphere, he kept his heart tightly shut. He was not a backslider. He was one who never truly believed. He did not have God’s vision in mind when he plotted Christ’s demise. He also allowed his greed and thirst for power to motivate him to betray the One who offered him unbridled love and acceptance. How could this happen? We know God allowed it. Judas’ betrayal was planned from the beginning of time. Still, it is a stark reminder of the destiny of all who refuse God’s grace and His gift of salvation.

The entire time Judas worked alongside the Savior, his heart was somewhere else. He was watching for an opportunity to capitalize on his personal desires, which included making Christ an earthly king and opening the way for him to claim a high-ranking position. His sin was horrendous and ended with earthly shame and eternal defeat.

Habit makes character, and character settles destiny. Judas had a very bad habit. He loved power and position. He was the one who was in charge of the moneybag—the silver that more than likely was used to fund his treachery.

We shape our destinies daily. Jesus has built a home for us, but we are adding or taking away from its furnishings. The things our hearts have cherished here ultimately will affect our place in eternity. The sin we cling to now will result in a lesser reward.

Judas died with one burning thought in his mind: I have betrayed an innocent man—the Son of God. As believers, our fate is sealed. We are His and we are loved. But we still have a question to answer. It is this: “Have I lived my life for Him—loving Him with my whole heart and abandoning my own passions in order to serve Him fully?”

After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples (Luke 24:36-49). He came to them because their hearts belonged to Him and their minds were open to His message of truth.

Taken from an Easter sermon preached by Dr. R. A. Forrest in 1938 ©

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