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Dr. and Mrs. Forrest’s Trip to Palestine, Part 2

Editor’s note: This is the second of two videos. There is no sound to the video. To start the video, click in the middle of the video box, please be patient as the video loads. To pause the video, click in the middle of the video box and click again to resume playing.

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This is the final part of the video that Dr. Forrest filmed in 1930 during his and Evelyn’s trip around the world. Shortly after the film opens, you will see the Jordan River and then the walls of Jerusalem along with the Wailing Wall and Jacob’s Well. Joseph’s tomb is recognizable because it has a white dome on top. Finally, the Forrests stop at the Sea of Galilee and also walk through the ruins of Capernaum.

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Mrs. Evelyn Forrest kept a diary during their trip. Click here to read her entries.