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Dr. and Mrs. Forrest's Trip to Palestine, Part 1

Editor’s note: There is no sound to the video. To start the video, click in the middle of the video box, please be patient as the video loads. To pause the video, click in the middle of the video box and click again to resume playing.

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This is a partial video that Dr. Forrest filmed in 1930 during his and Evelyn’s trip around the world. It opens with him and Evelyn disembarking their ship. A moment later, they are on a train speeding through Palestine on their way to Jerusalem. Admittedly, the video is old and a little jumpy at times, but stick with it because it smoothes out. Halfway through, you will see Mrs. Forrest step through a doorway and walk out into the sunlight of the old city of Jerusalem. A few scenes later, Dr. Forrest is photographed while walking through ancient ruins of a temple. Then they both are on camels near the bases of the great pyramids in Egypt. We hope that you will enjoy seeing this priceless treasure from the past.

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Mrs. Evelyn Forrest kept a diary during their trip. Click here to read her entries.