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One of Her Favorite Things

Evelyn's flowerWhen Evelyn Forrest began planting flowers at Toccoa Falls, one of the first ones she considered was wisteria. She loved the fragrance of the flower, especially on spring evenings when opened windows naturally ventilated Forrest Cottage with cool mountain breezes. Her efforts yielded quite a bounty. Today college lawn crews work diligently to contain the remaining wisteria vines that are tightly woven into the fabric of the hillside near Forrest Cottage. Over the years the plant’s tenacious and evasive nature has proven to be quite a challenge. However if she were alive today, more than likely, Evelyn Forrest would still approve of the plant’s presence especially in the spring when trees near her former home hang heavy with blooms and the air is filled with their sweet perfume. — Angie ‘88