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Favorite Photo of Dr. and Mrs. Forrest

This is one of my favorite photos of Dr. and Mrs. Forrest. Her niece Mrs. Betty Rhinehart gave it to me several years ago during a visit to her home in Punta Gorda, Florida. I had the opportunity to sit for hours talking with this dear woman who remembered Uncle Richard as a very godly man but also as a person who loved to laugh. “Before he would leave,” she said, “he always said, ‘Well, let’s have a little prayer.’” The Forrests were very balanced people and this is what they conveyed to everyone they met. They loved to have a glass of ice tea with friends and sit around the dinner table long after the plates had been removed just talking about the events of the day and the week. They were deeply in love and their love for one another overflowed into the lives of almost everyone they met. Mrs. Forrest was probably the more proper of the two but she had a very playful side that often surfaced at times when no one was expecting it. She loved to do yard work but a quick glance at this photo and you will see that the yard behind them was a little overgrown. Not to worry though, the look on their faces are of pure delight and joy, more than likely the yard was tackled in due time. But at the moment this was taken, the most important note of the day was to enjoy the company of friends. — Angie ‘88