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February 24 & 25, 1930

February 24, 1930The Diary of Evelyn Forrest’s Trip to Palestine
Monday, February 24, 1930
On the Atlantic

8:30 a.m. — This is the one meal we both enjoy because we have soft boiled eggs, toast, and coffee. Richard fixes my egg English style; we eat them out of the shell. After breakfast, Richard goes out for his exercise on deck and I bathe and dress slowly. The hardest thing is getting my hair combed. It is so hard to hold both hands up at the same time.

Richard is so sweet; he always tells me it looks good to him. Praise the Lord! Richard’s love and sweetness is what keeps me alive these days. The enemy is certainly trying me to the limit.


Tuesday, February 25, 1930
On the Atlantic

February 25, 1930
8:30 a.m. — Just three more days and we will be at Dakar. I desire strength enough to go ashore with Richard when he goes to see about storing the trunks. Praise the Lord! I am gaining a little each day. Soon I will feel like myself, I know.

Spent all afternoon out on the deck today. It is getting a little warmer and more pleasant outside. The ocean is calm as a millpond. I am thankful. Soon I know I will be well. (Jer. 33:3) I have certainly been doing the calling and I know He has heard and the answer is on the way. Richard seems to be getting a little discouraged because I remain so weak.