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February 19, 20 & 21, 1930

The Diary of Evelyn Forrest’s Trip to Palestine
Wednesday Morning February 19, 1930
On board the SS Brazza

February 19, 1930
(Editor’s note: During this phase of their trip around the world, Mrs. Forrest got food poisoning and came very close to dying. Even though she was tremendously sick, she continued to keep up with her daily diary entries.)

Did not have a very good night. Breakfast served in the room. If Richard had not been here to encourage and help, it never would have gone down. God enabled me to dress and go on deck. How I do not know? Feeling better this afternoon. The ship’s physician is a “pill.” We very soon discovered when we tried to get him to intercede in behalf of the near toilet. He looked at me and said, “Ho! She is not very sick—no fever.” Fever seems to be the only thing they fear on this side of the water. Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.”

Richard is a wonderful nurse. He is so patient to rub my back. Fix oranges and in fact to do anything Alice would not do better.


February 21, 1930Thursday, February 20, 1930

I rested fairly well last night and will certainly gain some strength today. I cannot understand why my strength returns so slowly. Richard is having to eat alone most of the time. The weather seems to be getting a little warmer. So he arranged for deck chairs today. He feels to get out on deck is the only thing that will give me back my strength. This is one of the most peculiar attacks I have ever experienced. I am held above the intense suffering but do not have strength to get around and exercise. About all I can do is put my clothes on in the morning, get out side our cabin to the chair and down to the toilet, then back to my chair, and finally get my clothes off for the night.


Friday, February 21, 1930

Our little French maid is so humble. She serves both our breakfasts in bed or I should say in our cabin. I am dressed and ready to go out on deck today. It was a pretty stiff climb but I finally made it and spent most of the afternoon out on deck. Richard is so anxious to see me gain strength. By faith I have the life of Jesus Christ for my body and through all the weakness I am praising God for life. Amen!