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February 17 & 18, 1930

February 17, 1930The Diary of Evelyn Forrest’s Trip to Palestine
February 17, 1930
Paris, France

Monday night 9:00 p.m.
We said goodbye to Hotel Edward VII and our beautiful room and comfortable beds. Our train left Bordeaux at 9:50. We boarded her with a great deal of misgiving since the trip from Cherbourg to Paris was so uncomfortable and crowded. We dreaded a night on “Waggme Lits.” Imagine our surprise and delight to find two comfortable beds and a whole compartment to ourselves! It was really more convenient and comfortable than our American Pullman berths. I believe it was ever better than our drawing rooms in the Pullman. It had plenty of room for us . . . . besides all the baggage stored away where we could see and count each piece. Slept well until our conductor called.


Tuesday Morning, February 18, 1930
February 18, 1930
7:00 a.m.
“So this is Bordeaux, France!” Now we have left all our English-speaking friends and must do the best we can with the French. The boat does not sail until six o’ clock so we took a room for the day at the Terminal Hotel. It made us think of Atlanta. Purchased our glasses and a few odds and ends that we had forgotten.

On board the “Brazza” and headed for Africa. During our first dinner Tuesday night, I ate a piece of cheese, which caused me much distress all night. After drinking two pitchers of hot water and some lemon. Richard made a desperate effort to secure the use of the private toilet with bath rights next to our cabin so I would not have to walk so far . . . but all in vain. Our cabin on the Brazza is roomy. We will be very comfortable if I can just get my stomach straightened out. Richard is so sweet to pray and massage my back.

Terminal Hotel where the Forrests stayed for a day before sailing for Africa

Brazza, the ship the Forrests took to Africa