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Richard & Evelyn Forrest

Richard and Evelyn "Going Steady"

Richard and Evelyn "Going Steady"

“During the first part of Richard’s stay at Nyack, Evelyn Drennan was also one of the students. By this time, the two were ‘going steady.’ Although sweethearts, they agreed on and engaged in a form of rigid self-discipline and did not take advantage of the privileges granted engaged couples. This was a lesson, which aided […]

Prayer for a New Year by Mrs. Evelyn Forrest

Prayer for a New Year by Mrs. Evelyn Forrest

Through The Bible with Mrs. R.A. Forrest Radio Station WRLC Toccoa, Georgia Good afternoon friends and members of our Radio Bible Class. Did you read that comment on the daughter of Karl Marx the Communist, which appeared recently in a magazine called The Dawn? I read it this morning and it impressed me so much […]

Mrs. Forrest, November 23, 1941

Through The Bible with Mrs. R.A. Forrest Radio Station WRLC Toccoa, Georgia November 23, 1941 Good afternoon friends and members of the Radio Bible Class. Since this is our Thanksgiving broadcast, I want to take this opportunity to ask you to stop for a moment and ask God to show you at least three things […]

A Note from Mrs. R. A. Forrest [May 25, 1941]

Commencement days always bring mingled feelings of joy and sorrow. I have joy for those graduating because they have run the race well and have completed the course. But there is sorrow, too, because they are leaving. I need not tell you that this Sunday is our Commencement Sunday in Toccoa, and out at Toccoa […]

Mrs. Forrest with Family and Friends

Mrs. Forrest with family and friends ——————————————————————————– The Turtle Story Editor’s note: From an interview with Mrs. Forrest’s niece Mrs. Elizabeth Rhinehart: “I remember a time when Uncle Richard drained the lake for some reason. My brother and I couldn’t wait to see what was on the bottom. You can imagine our surprise when we […]

Mrs. Forrest's Family

Members of Mrs. Forrest’s family include (left to right) Olive Drennen Mathias, Walter Drennen, Laura Drennen Roseberry—who was a teacher at TFI in the early years. Seated (left to right) Evelyn Drennen Forrest, Olive Drennen (mother), Emma Drennen Harding Olive Drennen (Mrs. Forrest’s mother) standing on the steps of the family’s home in Cecil County, […]

Mrs. Evelyn Drennen Forrest

Evelyn Drennen Forrest was born in Cecil County, Maryland, on February 16, 1879. She grew up on a small township of Appleton. Her parents were Olive Griffith Drennen and Samuel Drennen. Olive Drennen often remarked that from the time Evelyn was very young, her daughter knew she wanted to become a teacher. When Evelyn was […]

The Beginning of Their Love

“HE LEFT ALL, ROSE UP, AND FOLLOWED HIM.” Luke 5:28 “It was a hot Sunday afternoon. Richard’s father was sitting near an open window, reading a newspaper. Richard had decided to join to of his friends in running a tent meeting sixteen miles away in New Castle, Delaware. His mother had already packed his telescope […]

The Story of a Photograph

“Rev. Paul Rader, president of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, had planned a big evangelistic campaign in [St. Louis]. A board tabernacle, seating about two thousand, had been erected especially for the meetings. At the last moment, Rev. Rader could not go, but he wired Dr. Forrest, insisting that he take his place and asking […]

The Life Story of Richard Forrest

Achieving The Impossible with God Richard Alexander Forrest co-founder of Toccoa Falls College was born on July 14, 1881, in Wilmington, Delaware. He was one of four children in the Forrest household. His father Richard A. Forrest, Sr. was a factory worker, whose family was from Scotland. His mother Elizabeth Hagan Forrest was Irish and […]