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Richard and Evelyn "Going Steady"

Richard & Evelyn Forrest

“During the first part of Richard’s stay at Nyack, Evelyn Drennan was also one of the students. By this time, the two were ‘going steady.’ Although sweethearts, they agreed on and engaged in a form of rigid self-discipline and did not take advantage of the privileges granted engaged couples. This was a lesson, which aided them throughout succeeding years.

“It seems that there was a young couple attending Nyack at that time, a couple whose open shows of affection was quite sickening to all around. Noticing the reaction of all to these two, Richard wrote to Evelyn, who was two weeks late entering school, and asked her whether she did not think it would be wise for them not to give any indication that they were interested in each other. She agreed; from September until Christmas time they treated each other almost as strangers. Only once, and then in a group, did they even speak to each other for four months.

“At Christmas time they rode home together on the train. There were a number of other Nyack students in the same car—and a great deal of walking past the two with ‘Why, hello, Richard!’ and ‘How do you do, Miss Drennan!’ and ‘Fancy seeing you two together!’ How sweet it was after that time of self-discipline to acknowledge each other openly!

“The lesson? Most of their married life, the Forrests were separated by the work—he out in evangelistic endeavors, she at home helping take care of the school. Always the work of the Lord came first; therefore self-discipline was a necessity.” (Taken from Achieving the Impossible With God)

Forrest as a young couple

In this photo, Evelyn and Richard Forrest are a young couple.

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