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November 10, 2008

What Is Your Life Message?

Dr. and Mrs. Forrest had contacts all over the world. Doors were open to them that were closed to many people yet they never lost their humble hearts. Whether they were teaching or preaching in New York City or in the smallest of mountain towns in Northeast Georgia, people knew and loved them because they could identify with these two godly people, who demonstrated the same love and care for all people.

“The uniqueness of the man is evidence in the fact that [Dr. Forrest] served as Moderator of the Athens Presbytery and on various other Presbyterian committees—at the same time being a member of the Board of Managers of The Christian and Missionary Alliance and of a number of their committees of national importance. . . .

“In 1927, another sphere of activity opened for Dr. Forrest and for Toccoa Falls as they undertook the building and operation of Radio Station WTFI. Studios were in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church in Toccoa, and the Sunday morning services were broadcast. The Sunday morning listeners were organized into a large Bible Class, numbering over fifteen hundred. Nearly a thousand of these folks gathered at the Falls for a picnic one fine day, with motor caravans coming from such distant points as Athens, sixty miles away. Mrs. Forrest conducted a weekly Bible study over the air on Thursday evenings.

“Dr. Forrest was in the railroad station one day when an old lady who lived in the country approached him and said, ‘We–all have been hearin’ you preach the Gospel on the air. You don’t know me, but a friend said to me, “This is the man that preaches on the air,” and I wanted to come and tell you how much good it has done me and my family.’ Such statements have been duplicated hundreds of times in letters and postcards and by personal contact” (Achieving the Impossible with God)

Can you imagine a thousand people at the Falls having lunch and discussing the truth of God’s Word? It had to be not only a lot of fun but very meaningful. And every time they turned their radios on, they imagined what it was like to be with the Lord and also in the company of friends like Richard and Evelyn Forrest.

What is the message that you are sending to those around you? Is it a message of hope and love and truth or one that is foreboding and dismal? We live in changing times. Listening to the evening news, we could become discouraged and wonder what will happen in the coming years. But God calls us to be steady and if anything to increase our efforts to tell others about the eternal hope we have. Putting up walls and fences prevents His love from spreading. The Forrests knew the secret to multiplying God’s blessings and evangelistic efforts: they strategically created one opportunity after another where they could tell others about the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. They lived during extremely difficult times. Yet, their lives were living testimonies to His eternal goodness and mercy.

Taken from the online devotional book Grace in The Wilderness © 2008