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The Forrests

The Forrest
Richard and Evelyn Forrest

Evelyn and Richard Forrest had planned a very simple marriage service. Had they wished it, an elaborate wedding was out of the question because neither had any money; and yet when the time came, they were amazed at the large number of friends who drove from Wilmington and Newark, and from a number of points in Pennsylvania. . . . The ceremony was performed at eight o’clock in the evening. . . . Richard’s heart almost burst with joy and pride as he stammered: ‘I do.’ Calmly his beautiful bride in turn promised to be his. Throughout more than fifty succeeding years these two have proved to be an ideal couple, ‘Sweethearts Forever!’
“The newly married couple spent their wedding night and the following day-Christmas, 1901-at the home of the bride. . . . There was no such thing as the usual honeymoon since they anticipated a full life span of a honeymoon, but little did they know the supreme test was lurking ‘just around the corner.'” (copy from Achieving the Impossible with God by Lorene Moothart)
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