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Expect Great Things!

Dr. R.A. Forrest
Dr. R.A. Forrest

During World War Two, more than five hundred former Toccoa Falls College students enlisted or were drafted into some branch of military service. As the end of the war came, so also came the problem of taking care of many of these boys. Most had married and now had families. Yet, their greatest desire was to return to the college and complete their education.

Dr. Forrest believed the need for living accommodations for married students provided just one more opportunity for the Lord to perform another miracle, and that is what happenedt. Fifteen comfortable and attractive cottages—each having five rooms—were built on the campus by the Federal Housing Authority. . . . The houses were supplied with beds, tables, chairs, cooking range, refrigerator, water heater, and much more.

Dr. Forrest later wrote, “Someone has said, ‘Expect great things from God; attempt great thing for God.’ This is what we are doing at Toccoa Falls College.” He went on to say, ‘This statement summarizes the attitude of those who are co-laborers at the college. Praise God—He never fails! He does exceeding abundantly above.’ To Him be glory!”