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TFC pin
Graduation pin from 1932

Band 1933
1932-1933 Band

1934 Class
Graduating Class of 1934

Boys of 1934
1934 Graduates

1934 Student Body
1933-1934 Student Body



In 1934, a commercial course was added with five rebuilt typewriters, 20 students, and one teacher. By 1941, 20 “modern” typewriters had replaced the five rusty rebuilts. Other classes and skills included bookkeeping; Gregg shorthand; secretarial skills—writing letters, making invoices, filing, drawing checks, etc.; the operation of duplicating machines and dictaphones; and other business methods needed to make the efficient businessman or woman.

Graduates of the Commercial Department were highly sought after. In one year alone, 21 graduates were hired by the government in Washington, D.C. As he passed through Washington one day, Dr. Forrest stopped to visit one of the graduates. While waiting to see her, he conversed with her employer, a Marine officer. When asked how the girl was getting along, the officer replied, “Let me tell you something, Doc, that girl is tops! She knows her job. You did a wonderful job training her. She knows exactly what to do and how to do it!” Again he repeated, “She’s tops!” He continued, “And there’s something else about her, Doc. Lemme tell you something. I’m not a very religious man but, Doc, that girl is a Christian. She’s the kind I’ve always heard about, and the kind I’d like to be. That girl’s a real Christian and I’m sold on her.”


1934-1935 Student Body
1934-1935 Student Body



On May 27, 1936, Bob Jones College conferred the degree of Doctor of Divinity upon Richard Forrest.


As educational standards advanced nation-wide, Dr. Forrest saw to it that the Toccoa Falls Institute kept pace. In 1937 the three-year Bible institute program was expanded into a four-year program. The new program offered two years of Bible training and two years of general studies. Approval was given by the State of Georgia in 1939, granting the Bible College the authority to bestow the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Education.

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