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Little Falls

Glenn Falls
Photo of Little Falls area

If you haven’t been up to Little Falls recently then you probably have forgotten how beautiful the area is. Few colleges have this type of scenery and it is a wonderful place for a picnic because it borders on nothing commercial. In fact the closest neighbor is the National Forest. Evelyn Forrest named this place Glenn Falls after a small river that flowed near her home in Cecil County, Maryland. So, while we know it as the Little Falls, she knew it as a area that reminded her of the place were she was born. She often retreated up to this area for a time of prayer and if possible a cup of tea. Yes, we have photos in the archives of her and friends enjoying afternoon tea in this very spot. Spontaneous and energetic, she would teach classes all morning and then saddle Prince or Nellie for a short ride up into the mountains. Hope you enjoy this winter scene of Glenn Falls. —Angie ‘88