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March 23 & 24, 1930

Evelyn Forrest's Trip to Palestine

Diary March 23The Diary of Evelyn Forrest’s Trip to Palestine
Sunday, March 23, 1930
On the train

7:00 a.m. Before we were fully dressed the train stopped at Thies. There were two other men in our compartment besides my husband, but I slept just the same. These African sleepers are anything but private. Pajamas are the style! [The] two men wore theirs all day yesterday.

11:00 a.m. Arrived in Dakar and found our reservation at the Majestic Hotel waiting for us. The porter met us at the train waving a scrap of paper with Forrest [written] on it. The Madonna [their ship] is not yet in, but they say she is full. Richard went immediately to see the American Counsel, but he could give no encouragement. Then he found his friend Mr. Chaplin of Winston Salem, N. C. He promised to help all he could. [We] rested after dinner. Before supper took a long walk to the wharf.


Monday, March 24, 1930
Dakar, Africa

Diary March 24Did not rest very well last night. Richard’s arm hurt him for he struck it when the chair broke under him yesterday. Richard went out a little after eight to see about our reservations. [He] saw the headman and [received] a little encouragement. [He said] they will try to accommodate us. Mr. Chiparo came to assure us that his friend was working hard to find us a place on the Madonna. Then he loaned us his car and native driver to drive us all over Dakar and vicinity. It was a very delightful drive—all through the city and along the ocean beach to the Botanical Tropical Gardens.

3 p.m. Mr. Chiparo came to tell [us that] the Madonna was aground at Conokry. We bought tickets on our own on the Phrygie [and will] sail Wednesday 10:00 a.m. Wrote letters to Miss Ekegren and Sue. Went to bed early but did not sleep well—up three times.

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