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December 15, 2008

The Path We Travel

The writings of Amy Carmichael continue to be a source of encouragement. She reminds us, “All the paths of the Lord are lovingkindness. All, not some; not only those we would naturally choose, but all.” There are times when we may want to balk at the notion that God has allow some heartache or pain to filter in where we believe only sunshine should reign. The truth is there are times when adversity can actually do more for us than a bounty of joy. It reminds us that we are vulnerable, needy people, whose hope is found in only one person and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

The other part of this equation is this: Live long enough and more than likely at some point, you will feel as though you are walking this hurtful pathway alone. Amy intervenes with encouragement, “Though we do not see Him, He companions us; and, as we look back, we see that the path was always mercy and truth. . . . Let us rest our hearts on this very lovely word: ‘All the paths of the Lord are mercy.'” Don’t be tempted by Satan’s discouragement. You have not been left out, forgotten, or overlooked. God has a perfect way for you to travel, and it always leads to untold blessings.

While we may not understand why God has asked us to go in a certain direction, what will greet us over the next rise, or how we will handle the challenge when it comes, we can know that He is always “companioning” our every step. This truth alone can bring peace and joy to weariest of hearts.

Path Way

(Taken from the online devotional Grace In The Wilderness © 2008 The above photograph is of the old post road located above the terrace dorms and on the way to Glenn Falls or Little Falls.)