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October 15, 2007

The Legacy of TFC “WHY DO WE HAVE a college like Toccoa Falls College?” Dr. Forrest posed this question to the group gathered for Thanksgiving in 1941. His delivery was simple and unchanging throughout the years. God had given him a vision—one that he never strayed from and which today is a reality through the […]

October 8, 2007

A Vision for the Future Editor’s Note: The follow devotional was adapted from Achieving the Impossible with God. It is an account of one of the lives that have been eternally changed because of Toccoa Falls College. When a person looks back on a lifetime of labor, it is natural for him or her to […]

October 1, 2007

Editor’s Note: The following devotional was taken from Mrs. Forrest’s Through The Bible radio program, which was broadcast on WRLC in Toccoa, Georgia. A King’s Choice July 19, 1942 During the visit of the King and Queen of England to Washington, D.C. in June 1939, the Indian Bureau asked Chief Whitefeather to sing for the […]

September 24, 2007

No Coincidences How many times have you heard someone tell how God led him or her to Toccoa Falls College? Recently, Earl Burns, who is 91 and probably one of our oldest living alumni, said, “I owe my life to Toccoa Falls.” We could fill a very large book with testimonies about how God has […]

September 17, 2007

A New Name AS AN OUTSIDER, I joined the faculty at Toccoa Falls College 25 years ago; and I immediately felt sincere acceptance and unreserved support from other faculty and staff. Yet I kept hearing unknown names and historical references that everyone else was familiar with. Knowing I had come to a rich and worthy […]

September 10, 2007

Learning to Listen to God and Not to Man One of Dr. Forrest’s most deepest trials came immediately before he was scheduled to graduate from Nyack College. One day while crossing the street, he saw a man who was a well-known preacher. In fact, he was so well-known that he later became president of the […]

September 3, 2007

Good Cheer! We live in a time when people have to deal with untold pressures. Many times, Satan tries to tempt us into believing that we could have done a certain thing better, or that we should have said something another way but these are just his methods to diminish our joy. The other night […]

August 27, 2007

Joy for Your Journey They will possess a double portion in their land, Everlasting joy will be theirs. Isaiah 61:7 Can you imagine living in a tent in rural northeast Georgia and going to school? Even in the south, winters can be brutal and summers just as punishing. Most of us would not make it. […]

August 20, 2007

I Have Chosen You Over the years, there were times when God directed Richard Forrest to accept a student that other colleges may have turned down. Such was the case with George Akins, a man who hitchhiked from Savannah, Georgia, to Toccoa Falls. He came without any formal recommendation, except a short note from a […]

August 13, 2007

Trusting God One of the principles the Forrests had to learn early and quickly was the principle of trusting God for great things. Think about it: if you trust the Lord for small things, more than like that is exactly what you will receive—the bare minimal, and enough to get by. But if we trust […]