Sunday, March, 26th, 2023

Stories by Alumni

November 6, 1977 by Steve Johnson (1975-1979)

Sunday, November 6, 1977 1:30 am “Get up!” “Get up, the roof is caving in!” I got out of bed and hurried to the door. When I looked into the hallway, two guys who lived in the basement came running up the stairwell. “What’s going on?”, I asked. “The basement is flooded. We barely got […]

My Story By Patricia McGarvey 1978

It was another rainy afternoon at Toccoa Falls. Most of us—students, faculty, and staff—know what it feels like to winter at the college. Days can be cloudy and there is always an abundance of rain. But the few days leading up to the flood were different. There was something about the unrelenting rainfall that caused […]