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Memories of Haddock Inn and Toccoa Falls

Bernice Haddock Thomason
Mrs. Bernice Haddock Thomason is a descendent of Mr. William Haddock, first owner of Haddock Inn. In this photo, she is holding treasured family heirlooms. She said a four-room house first stood on the Inn site. Later the great summer hotel was built. The Haddocks raised cattle. Since in those days there were no stock laws, their cattle covered the hills.


Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Lipscomb
From the time I was a child, I loved Toccoa Falls and believed it was one of God’s most beauty spots. My mother, Mrs. George W. Edwards, was a sister of Mrs. E. P. Simpson, Sr. After Aunt Sallie and Uncle Tom, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Simpson, Sr., bought Haddock Inn, I used to spend many happy days there. Besides swimming and boating in the summer the only recreation was bowling and tennis. The bowling alley was on the side of the mountain near where Gate Cottage now stands. The tennis courts were on the plot of ground where Ring Music Building once stood.

When my mother and I were both sick, we spent part of the summer out there. I was very young at that time. I remember the rooms as very large, about 15 ft. square. The halls were wide and just gorgeous. The Inn had three stories. There were wide verandas on both the lakeside and the creek side on all three floors. It was a wonderful place for a young girl to recuperate. It was such a beautiful spot that many families came up from Atlanta for their summer vacation.

When Mr. Simpson sold to Dr. Forrest the Inn soon became a place full of activity. God gave the Forrests His blessing and help. Through faith and prayer the school has grown to what it is today. They endured many disasters, but their faith has never wavered. Toccoa Falls has indeed grown into a wonderful place. It proves what faith in God and hard work can do.

Mrs. L. O. Lipscomb

Mrs. And Mrs. Lipscomb—both died in 1976
Mrs. And Mrs. Lipscomb—both died in 1976