Wednesday, June, 29th, 2022


I thought this site was for the Centennial, why is it called TFC History?

When we considered ways to get the word out about TFC’s Centennial celebration, one of the first ideas that came to mind was a Web site! The result of long hours of conversation, planning, and prayer is what you see here today.

However, once we started thumbing through old photos, notes, and letters that had been locked away for years, we quickly realized this site could not simply end after one year. It had to go on and in doing so would become a place for us to post many of the college’s valuable archival records–records that because of condition and age cannot be viewed or touched by the public.

Some of these, however, will be on display in the old chapel and the library during this year’s homecoming.


Who is behind the creation of this site?

TFC History was created for the alumni of Toccoa Falls College. It is being developed by alumni and maintained by the same group of people. Members of the college’s alumni office make important contributions to this effort. They watch the site, know what new items have been posted, and yes, even keep up with online discussions. If they notice a question has been posted that only they can address, more than likely they will “pop” in to offer an answer.


How can I contact TFC History?

Click here to access the site’s contact us page. Questions are directed to the editors of this site and also to the TFC alumni office.


What about photos and things from more recent years?

Since the college is celebrating its centennial, we are focusing on the early days of the school’s history first. This just seemed like a natural choice. However, as the site grows, we plan to post available material from every graduating class. But be patient because this will take time.


I signed up to receive site updates from TFC History, but I haven’t received any?

Please check your Junk Mail or Anti-Spam folder. More than likely, this is where you will find your site update e-mails. Once your computer recognizes TFC History updates as legitimate e-mail, this should not be a problem.


How often will I receive an update about the site?

When we post something new, you will receive a daily digest. If we post several new items in one day, you will receive only one e-mail, but it will contain information about each new post. If we do not post anything new, then no e-mail will be sent out.


How do I sign up for the site update e-mails?

All you have to do is enter your e-mail address in the box below and the next time we update the site, you’ll get an e-mail from TFC History.

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Can I post articles on TFC History?

Right now, the only articles, photos, and sermons being used on this site are the ones that are housed in the college’s archives. Editors for the site are not accepting unsolicited material. However, if appropriate, alumni should feel free to share short encouraging stories with one another on the community page.

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