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September 24, 2007

No Coincidences

How many times have you heard someone tell how God led him or her to Toccoa Falls College? Recently, Earl Burns, who is 91 and probably one of our oldest living alumni, said, “I owe my life to Toccoa Falls.” We could fill a very large book with testimonies about how God has led people to the college. One woman told how her parents had brought her to Toccoa Falls when she was a young girl. They could not pay for her education. In fact, their financial struggle was so great, they could not continue to keep her at home and looked for someone to take her. They found the perfect place—Toccoa Falls.

“When I got out of my Daddy’s car, all I had was my suitcase and the clothes on my back. That was it. Nothing more, but Dr. and Mrs. Forrest never thought differently of me. After a few weeks, the thought hit me that I home for the first time.” Some may think this is a sad story but its not. This young girl learned that there are no coincidences with God. She completed the elementary courses offered at school. Then she went on to graduate from the high school, and automatically enrolled in the college. After she graduated from TFC (with honors), she decided to take graduate classes at the University of Georgia and later became a teacher, who was committed to inspiring others to learn all they could learn and never give up.

There can be days when each one of us wants to ask, “How did I get here?” We may even feel as though we have been “dropped off” with only a small suitcase containing only shattered hopes and dreams. Joseph ended up in an Egyptian prison. Daniel found himself cast down into a den of lions. And from the back of a lonely cave, David cried out to God, “Why?” The answer was simple: God was training and preparing each one of these men for a greater task. The same is true for Ruth, and Esther along with Peter, James, and Paul and everyone who commits his or her life to Jesus Christ.

God doesn’t make mistakes. Whatever time you spent at Toccoa Falls College was time He reserved, ordained, and set aside for you and Him. There are no coincidences and as Dr. Forrest often said, “There are no lost causes.”

(Taken from the online devotional book, Grace in the Wilderness © 2007