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April 21, 2008

The Pathway to Blessing

Sacrifice is always a part of blessing. Many try to take shortcuts around trials dodging difficulties and thinking surely there has to be a way to by-pass hard times, but there never is. It is in times of extreme pressure that God reveals the true value of our faith, the cold honest truth concerning our compassion, and the accurate level of our humility. A shortcut, a quick answer, or even a well-devised plan that skirts around His will may seem appealing, but it is not His way and therefore, it is sure to fail.

In Achieving the Impossible with God, Dr. Forrest told how once in the 1930’s he had to sell his car, a new Buick that he had just purchased, in order to buy food for the students. The need was critical. America was in a deep depression, and Toccoa Falls did not escape the effects of this trying time. However, as he handed over the keys of his car to its new owner, the thought that passed through his mind was not one of personal sacrifice. Instead, it was one of extreme blessing. He understood that God was using him to do something far greater than anything he could do on his own. He wrote, “I have discovered there is no finer investment of life, energy, and money than in the development of living, breathing human beings. Through them, dividends continue to accumulate until Jesus returns bringing His rewards with Him. Those who have in any way, helped these young people in their preparation will surely share in the reward for the work they have helped to accomplish—whether they be workers at the school, contributors, or prayer warriors.”

Are you counting the cost; adding up the debt; or tallying up the numbers on a mental spreadsheet? Jesus gave everything so that you could have eternal life. He believed your salvation was worth His sacrifice. There will be times when you may feel tempted to count the cost of your sacrifice. But don’t do it. Give all you have to God and watch Him work in amazing ways.

(Taken from the online devotional Grace in The Wilderness © 2008)