Wednesday, December, 7th, 2022

Seby Jones Library

Mr. Seby Jones, a member of the Board of Trustees, contributed $25,000 to the building of a larger, more efficient library. The first floor was occupied in 1965 and the second floor in 1966. Before Seby Jones Library was built, the library was temporarily housed (1959) in one of the steel buildings to protect the […]

Sarah Staley

Gaining the Eternal Victory For years, Sarah Staley’s unmarked grave rested on a windy hillside in Westview Cemetery overlooking the very place where the Battle of Atlanta was fought. In October 2001, on what would have been her 157th birthday, college alumni and officials placed a marker on her grave. Sarah A. Staley was one […]

Remembering the Graham Family

We want to take time to pray for the family of Dr. Billy Graham in the loss of his wife Ruth Bell Graham, who also was a beloved mother, grandmother, Sunday School teacher, and author. Many of you may not realize it, but throughout the years this family has been a support and encouragement to […]

Ralls Dormitory and the C.C.C.

“In a sense, the depression affected Toccoa Falls Institute for good. Because of it a C. C. C. (Civilian Conservation Corps) Camp was started in north Georgia; it was located on property leased from the school, the flat just to the south of the main campus. The C. C. C. boys built roads, paths, firebreaks, […]

Post Office

“In November 1923, the United States Government granted Toccoa Falls a post office and named Rev. Forrest the postmaster. He actively participated in this organization, and was always welcome at their conventions, many times being invited as a featured speaker.” (Taken from Achieving The Impossible With God) Mr. Linflod, George Henderson, Lib Meirs, and Kelly […]

Paul Rader

The Story Behind “Only Believe” The General Council of the C&MA convened at Toccoa Falls in May 1919. The delegates were housed in army tents supplied by Fort McPherson in Atlanta, and the guests considered this “camping out” experience to be most meaningful. Rev. Paul Rader, elected president of the C&MA at that Council, was […]

Paul and Mary Williams

Their Final Sacrifice (The following was taken from the book A Tree God Planted by Troy Damron) The barren, windswept plains of the Texas panhandle do not readily attract the casual visitor. In fact, those accustomed to the solitude of the mountains or to the bustle of the fertile, well-watered valleys of our country might […]

Memories of Haddock Inn and Toccoa Falls

Mrs. Bernice Haddock Thomason is a descendent of Mr. William Haddock, first owner of Haddock Inn. In this photo, she is holding treasured family heirlooms. She said a four-room house first stood on the Inn site. Later the great summer hotel was built. The Haddocks raised cattle. Since in those days there were no stock […]

May Day 1951

The first time the David Ovens Student Center was used was for a May Day Celebration in 1951. They had a Maypole! May Day Celebration 1951 Maypole in the David Ovens Student Center The David Ovens Student Center closer to completion The David Ovens Student Center during construction

Life Outside the Classroom

“School life at Toccoa Falls furnished many opportunities for practical or vocational training. Along with their usual classes, students were taught farming, caring for livestock, cutting and sawing timber, carpentry, making cement blocks, gardening, laundering, cooking, baking, canning fruits and vegetables, sewing, office work, and much more. . . . (copy from Achieving the Impossible […]